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Model - DPATT-3Hi

Three Phase Harmonic Power Analyser 

Powerful Testing Instrument for Smart System.
Trustware make Three Phase Harmonic Power Analyser, Model DPATT-3Hi is a must have testing instrument for manufacturing of transformer & motor testing. Including all the parameters including efficiency can be seen in a single screen with PC interface, that makes testing more smart, organized & faster. 
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  • Complete analysis with system efficiency.
  • PC Interfacing with report generation.
  •  Over current relay protection for safety. 
  • 0.1% R+R Basic Accuracy
  • 1300 V AC Phase to Neutral, 2250 V AC Phase to Phase.
  • Direct Measurement Current up to 80A
  • DC Current (Optional) 0-75mv (Shunt scalable).
  • Harmonics up to the 56th order of Voltage and current
  • RMS Voltage in Phase to Phase, Phase to Neutral & Mean Mode.
  • Hold Facility, All at once, Report Generation, Voltage, Current& Power Scaling, Watt at 75 C, Over Current relay safety.
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DPATT-3Hi Manual
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