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Transformer testing Instrument 

Powerful Testing Instrument for Smart System.

The DPATT-3Li is the innovative solution for testing big electrical machines like Distribution & Power Transformer & Motors. Its Powerful DSP processor and high input voltage & current range (1300V AC P-N & 80 A AC), make the unit capable of testing high voltage & high current load, even at low power factor.

The DPATT-3Li is the first choice of manufactures of transformer & motors because of innovating design, customized solution and excellent support system.

We appreciate your love & trust for the model DPATT-3Li and always dedicated for providing world class equipment's for your growth & Success.

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Key features

Key features

Input Voltage -  

  • 1300V  AC Phase to Neutral

  • 2250V AC Phase to Phase 

Input Current  - 

  • 80A AC

Paraments - 

  • Voltage, Current , freque.

Parameters -

  •  V,I,W,PF, HZ, VA

  •   V (Phase to Phase , Phase to Neutral &mean scale to RMS)

Accuracy  -

  • Class 0.1

Facility -

  • Hold Key Facility      

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